Suffering from

security alert fatigue?

Introducing SOC.OS, an alert correlation and triage automation tool. SOC.OS automatically collates, enriches and prioritises your alerts, boosting productivity, enhancing threat visibility and shortening mean time to respond to cyber incidents.

What is SOC.OS?

SOC.OS is a SaaS product which addresses the problem of having to manually review and prioritise the ever increasing number of security alerts being outputted from IT Security protection and detection tools. It automatically collects, enriches, clusters and prioritises the most serious threats, and presents this to the security analyst via an intuitive graphical interface.



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How does SOC.OS work?

The lightweight SOC.OS software agent is deployed on your IT environment, and collects and sends security alerts from your protection and detection tools to the SOC.OS cloud platform. Or we can integrate directly, via API, with your cloud based tools.

Alerts are enriched with threat intelligence and grouped into related clusters. Each cluster is a unique cyber incident, and is presented to the analyst, ready for investigation, in priority ranked order.

Once investigation and remediation is complete, the cluster can be archived in memory, and automatically reactivated if relevant new incidents are detected.

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Security alerts from protection and

detection tools are collected

Alerts are enriched with threat

intelligence and grouped into

related clusters

These clusters, representing IT security incidents, 

are risk scored and priority ranked ready 

for analyst investigation

Once investigation and remediation is 

complete, the cluster can be archived

Archived clusters stay in memory and 

are reactivated if relevant information 

is detected

Download our tech sheet to find out more.




Up to 80% reduction in items to be investigated; more time to spend on higher value tasks

Enhanced Network

& Threat Visibility

The intuitive user interface answers the question of “who, what, when and how” of each incident…all in one quick glance


View & Control

Dashboards and reporting, give a consolidated view of disparate security tools and data silos all in one platform


The trial had very low time impact and was extremely revealing


"Once we deployed SOC.OS, we found some extremely interesting stuff trying to get in and maliciously damage or enslave our infrastructure. The trial had very low time impact and was extremely revealing. I took results to Audit Committee to explain they needed to find more money for cyber investment"


CIO/CTO, Natural History Museum

Get onto threats rapidly and more efficiently


"Being able to see the alerts joined together across disparate sources is very powerful. The graphical visualisation of an alert cluster with IP addresses and items of interest with a timeline will really help me get onto threats rapidly and more efficiently."


Information Security Officer, Natural History Museum

79% reduction in the number of items needing investigation


"I see this much as a management and control tool, as monitoring tool; the ability to understand what's really happening on my network and my performance at addressing it is very attractive."


CIO/CTO, Natural History Museum

Cloud based serverless architecture

and agile development

SOS.OS employs a serverless cloud based architecture, built in Microsoft Azure. This provides a scalable solution and allows new features to be deployed faster, with high availability, and without significant infrastructure management.

SOC.OS is delivered using Agile methodology, which when combined with our SaaS platform, result in new capabilities being delivered quickly and without the need for Customers to update systems or infrastructure. We adopt a co-development approach, allowing customers to influence the product roadmap to deliver the most value.

2019 Pricing




Flat fee starting at £1,000 per month


  • Up to 10 user subscriptions
  • Full support, training and close collaboration with the SOC.OS founding team
  • Unlimited integrations with cyber security tools

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