Sifting through security alerts?

Introducing SOC.OS: an alert investigation tool that aggregates, analyses, and prioritises cyber security incidents... so you don't have to.



Swift setup

Quick and easy to deploy – you'll see results within hours.

Improved efficiency

Discover genuine threats in minutes. Say goodbye to hours spent on sifting through alerts to identify and prioritise real threats – SOC.OS does this for you.

Enhance threat visibility

Our patented technology collects, enriches and correlates alerts into groups, giving you a detailed view of what is really happening across your network.

Single workbench

Bring together disparate alert sources into one place for your centralised viewing and control.
Being able to see the alerts joined together across disparate sources is powerful. The alert cluster diagram enriched with IP addresses and items of interest really helps me get onto threats rapidly and more efficiently" – Head of Security, PoC Customer
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