Insurance Insights:

Why Third-Party Data is the Insurance Industry's Best-Kept Secret

Cate Wright, Global Insurance Product Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Insurance firms face many challenges in today’s digitally defined world, but the availability of data isn’t one of them. Gathered, harvested and shared by businesses, individuals and institutions, there’s an enormous volume and variety of data around. For those who want to derive insight from it, sifting through this avalanche of information can be a real struggle.


That’s why third-party data sources are such an important (yet often overlooked) piece of the puzzle. They can play an invaluable role in helping insurers find clarity amidst the data blizzard.


Read on and discover the benefits which insurers can experience by embracing third-party datasets.

Cate Wright

Global Insurance Product Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Cate Wright joined BAE Systems as Global Insurance Product Manager. She brings a vast array of experience, gathered from over a decade working for some of the biggest names in the insurance sector. 


Having started her career at Zurich Insurance in the Property Claims & Fraud Complaints division, Cate soon progressed to become a specialist in fraud detection and prevention. She held roles at Allianz Insurance before becoming Head of Fraud at GoCompare.


Cate’s role at BAE Systems sees her putting the knowledge and expertise she has built up over the past 13 years into practice and helping customers to optimise their operations and create value-adding counter-fraud solutions.