Insurance Insights:

The Insurance Digital Transformation

Mike Smart, Business Development Director, BAE Systems

Digital transformation is capable of improving the operational efficiency of businesses across every sector. It enables key processes to be executed remotely, and unleashes corporate information to anyone who has a connected device. This might sound relentlessly positive, but the flip side is that digital transformation leaves organisations vulnerable to data theft and fraud.


In this edition of our Insurance Insights series, we discuss how digital transformation offers both promise and peril for insurers. And we explore why it’s critical for insurance organisations to commit to investing in security as well as to finding a partner with the required technological prowess and experience.


Continue reading the chapters of our report to explore the digitisation journey of the Insurance industry.

Mike Smart

Business Development Director, BAE Systems

Mike has worked in the Insurance Sector for over 30 years; during this time he has run a number of technology businesses supplying scale policy processing platforms to large insurers across EMEA.


He was, as CEO of Selfnet, an active regulated market participant in a business which conceived of and launched with RSA MoreThanPremier; a unique, fully online business providing a combined personal lines product focused on the mid net worth market.


Having started his career in the early 80’s, Mike has witnessed firsthand the migration away from 3270 green screen technology, the arrival of personal computing, the impact of the Internet and the various notable investment spikes in the market brought about by the dot com and more recent Fintech eras.


Mike’s skills and experience deliver a combination of deep understanding of both the technological landscape and operational realities of the insurance market.