Make faster, more confident decisions

Networks today are becoming more complex, yet you're being asked to make changes to the network faster and more frequently.

Find out how Idrisi solves this problem.

Simulate network changes

Idrisi provides you with a simulated version of your network, for use by both the Network and Security teams. Ask ‘what if’ questions to understand the full impact of changes.

Live network topology

Replace out-dated static diagrams and spreadsheets with an interactive map which updates as your network changes.

Manage network risk

Increase business agility by quickly understanding which changes can be made without increasing risk on the network. Use Idrisi's risk score to focus on the highest priority areas of your network.

Continuously assess compliance

Reduce the burden of manual audits by continually assessing the network against regulatory compliance, security policy and best practice. Use Idrisi's recommendations to improve the security of your network.

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*IDRISI is a registered trademark of BAE Systems plc.